A quality assessment

It concerns the quality assessment in a higher education programme. But it is valid for many other projects or programmes.
The programme is linked with the R&D in a very innovating industrial field. It involves several European universities and a few international companies. The students come from all over the world. The managing staff was greatly interested to have the students’ feedbacks about the program. The other goal was to be able to implement the programmes’s future design with the student’s ideas and arguments.

The several types of issues which were to be discussed were defined in advance but the possibility existed to propose other topics. Part of the meeting was a brain storming, allowing each person to give his/her personal feedback without any judgment. Then, a quick workshop took place in order to summarize and consider the different topics for a quick communication to the next management committee which took place the same day. Finally, a group discussion permitted to work out useful arguments for the future design of the programme.
A written synthesis was sent to the programme’s coordinator. It outlined thoughts for further reflexion about the programme’s implementation and functioning. It also included an appendix with each participant’s feedback.