Catherine de Loeper

Director of Homo sapiens coaching company from 2008 to December 2017.

Clinical psychologist (Master’s degree in psychopathology and clinical psychology of the Institute of Psychologie, Paris). Psychosociologist (two years’ seminary about psychosociology for consultants and trainers at ARPI-ICS, Paris).

English and Russian speaking. Has lived and studied in Great Britain, worked on assignments in several African countries as well as Haiti.

Has been working in the field of international development of human resources since 1982. Interested in what concern the facilitation of cooperation between people in the workforce, especially when the linguistic and cultural dimensions are on the forefront. Large experience in the training and support of people working abroad or with foreigners.

Guest Lecturer at Paris XI University. Training of project chiefs who are going to work in African countries (the basic concepts in psychosociology and the intercultural aspects in development projects. Case studies, role playing, theoretical explanations).

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